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MOSA is an open source software project that natively executes .NET applications within a virtual hypervisor or on bare metal hardware!

The MOSA project consists of:

  • Compiler - a high quality, multi-threaded, cross-platform, optimizing .NET compiler

  • Kernel - a small kernel operating system

  • Device Drivers Framework - a modular, device drivers framework and device drivers

  • Debugger - QEMU-based debugger

Current Status

The target platforms are:

  • 32-bit x86

  • 64-bit x86 (x64; in development)

  • 32-bit ARMv8+ (in early development)

  • 64-bit ARMv8+ (in early development)

The MOSA compiler supports most object and non-object oriented code, including but not limited to:

  • Generic Code (e.g. List<T>)

  • Delegates (static and non-static) and with optional parameters

  • Exception Handling (try, finally, and catch code blocks)

The MOSA compiler seeks to provide high quality code generation using the following optimizations (non-exhaustive):

  • Constant Folding and Propagation

  • Strength Reduction optimization

  • Dead Code Elimination

  • Single Static Assignment (SSA)

  • Global Value Numbering / Common Subexpression Elimination

  • Sparse Conditional Constant Propagation

  • Inlined Expansion

  • Loop-Invariant Code Motion

  • Null Check Elimination

  • Devirtualization

  • Block Reordering

  • Greedy Register Allocation

For an exhaustive list, see Compiler Optimizations which also gives a description of each of these optimizations.