MOSA Debugger

The MOSA Debugger is GUI application used to debug a MOSA compiled application using QEMU Virtual Machine Emulator.



  • Breakpoints

  • Watchpoints

  • Register View

  • Stack Frame View

  • Call Stack View

  • Method View

  • Source Code View

  • Method Parameters View

  • Memory Views

Under the hood, MOSA Debugger utilitizes the QEMU virtual machine emulator and controls it with native GDB commands.


The MOSA Debugger can be launched by executing Mosa.Tool.Debugger.

In addition, the tool can be launched from the command line with arguments:

Mosa.Tool.Debugger Mosa.BareMetal.HelloWorld.x86.dll

Command Line Options

See the command line arguments for a list of available options.