MOSA Launcher Console

The MOSA Launcher Console is a console application that automates the entire build process including launching of a virtual machine.


Check out the MOSA Launcher for a graphic user interface version of this console application.


A quick example that compiles Mosa.BareMetal.HelloWorld.x86.dll demo with -oMax (all optimization enabled) and launches it using QEMU:

Mosa.Tool.Launcher.Console -oMax Mosa.BareMetal.HelloWorld.x86.dll
Current Directory: X:\MOSA-Project-tgiphil\bin
Compiling: 0.89 secs: Compile Started
Compiling: 0.94 secs: Compiling Methods
Compiling: 4.32 secs: Compiling Methods Completed
Compiling: 4.56 secs: Linking Started
Compiling: 4.59 secs: Linking Completed
Compiling: 4.66 secs: Compile Completed
Generating Image: img
Launching Application: ..\Tools\QEMU\qemu-system-i386.exe
Arguments:  -L "..\Tools\QEMU" -cpu qemu32,+sse4.1 -serial null -hda "C:\Users\phil\AppData\Local\Temp\MOSA\Mosa.BareMetal.HelloWorld.x86.img"

Command Line Options

See the command line arguments for a list of available options.

Here are the most common options available:


Does not immediate start the compiler